Reverse circulation drilling

Reverse circulation drilling services in diameters from 5 ″ to 7,1/2 ″, with depths up to 700 meters and angles between -90 and -45 degrees. Our modern fleets along with our highly experienced technicians allow us to offer quality and safety services.

We have a modern high tech fleet, years 2012 and 2013 with rod handler for efficient and safe work (100% hands free). Automatic closing valve systems, lateral work platforms, hydraulic system support trucks for bar manipulating use, automatic fire suppresors, among other characteristics.

Our fleet of reverse circulation drilling have on board engines of 760/850 HP and convertible compressors of 1350cfm/350psi to 1150cfm/500psi. Additionally, we have booster support equipment and auxiliary compressors for works in extreme height conditions and wells with water presence.

For overburden ground conditions or non natural overburden (waste), we have simultaneous drilling system Simetrix (concentrix) and eccentric (Tubex/Odex), depending on each case and all of them with interchangers to obtain a better sample recovery.